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  • I wanted to get an unbiased view of myself and my personality traits and to prepare myself professionally before I start to look for a new employment opportunity.  I found out more about my strengths and weaknesses, improved my self-presentation and argumentation for the interview process. I found out how comprehensive and pro-active must the process of finding and approaching potential employers be, especially in times when fewer job opportunities are offered. I was surprised by the high level of practical orientation of your coaching and complexity of preparation despite the limited time frame. You thought about everything that may be important during the recruitment process. Being interviewed several times after your program, I got compliments for my preparedness and my documents (CV and cover letter) as well. I was really inspired by professional and friendly attitude Mrs Brutenic has. Moreover, I could use all the advice immediately in practice.

    Ing. Martin Lipták
    Ing. Martin Lipták
  • Coaching has met my expectations and the result was that I myself was able to analyze my needs, skills, and knowledge and even weaknesses. It's very difficult, but this program is very well done, and guides in a way that you are able to analyze it yourself. My expectations were great and I was surprised that they were met. The result was excellent preparation for the interview, prompt responses to interview questions, excellent analysis of my personality, and ultimately I got a job offer and accepted it. I recommend this program to all who want to move forward in life.

    Ing. Jitka Sýkorová
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Career Accelerator

  • Find out what exactly does having a dream job mean for you and what do you have to do to land it – FAST.
  • Define your worries and uncertainties that sabotage your success during interviews.
  • Leave energized, inspired, with new ideas and manageable steps that you can realize to get the most interesting and best paid job you ever had.
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And you will:

  • Have excellent CV, LinkedIn profile and Cover letter and you will find out how exactly you should approach job offers to get and ace the interview.
  • Have system, how to find hidden job offers and find out how to be more persuasive.
  • Learn how to choose the right job offer and how to negotiate up to 30% higher salary then you have now.
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This program is for you, if you:

  • Want a job you love.
  • Are preparing for a career change and do not know where to start.
  • Want to know your strengths and careers where to use them.
  • Do not get job offers that are interesting enough or are not successful on interviews.
  • Want to know how to attract employers differently, as everyone else.
  • Want to be well prepared, persuasive and still yourself, during the interviews.
  • Want to know now how a recruiters approach your CV and what they are looking for during an interview.
  • Need support to be more effective and focus on your career goals.
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  • My strenghts
  • My ideal job
  • Jobsearch checklist
  • Guerilla jobsearch strategies
  • CV + Cover letter
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Interview mastering
  • Plan – Interview secret weapon
  • Salary negotiation
  • 1-2-1 consultation
  • Skype consultation
  • E-mail consultation
  • Phone consultation
  • Pre-interview support
  • Skype
    • 3 HOD
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  • MINI
    • 1 HOD
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    • 5 HOD
    • 2
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    • 2
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100% satisfaction guarantee:

My goal is that you really have amazing results from this program. If you have a reason to be dissatisfied with my service after the first session, I will give you your money back.

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