• Do you have years of experience in managerial positions or you are a specialist in your field?
  • Do you find yourself looking for a job for the first time as all your past jobs found you without even trying?
  • Do you feel terrible having to defend yourself in front of a recruiter who barely graduated?
  • Did you go through some interviews without landing the job? Always being the second?
  • Do you receive offers with lower salary then you desire??
  • Are you thinking about quitting your job and becoming an entrepreneur?

With 12 years of experience in recruitment of senior and managerial level I helped hundreds of people to define and reach career success. As an experienced mentor I helped various start-ups to succeed.

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  • Do you need to increase your productivity? Want to do more in shorter time?
  • Are you looking for proven tools to add at least one hour a day for yourself?
  • Do you have too much time stress influencing your personal relationships?
  • Do you want a system that will bring peace to your family?
  • Are you tired and lacking energy?
  • Do you want to know how to find time for exercise, hobbies, relax or your new business plan?
  • Want to know how to work more on your business than in your business?

With years of experience working with managers and entrepreneurs, I will help you to find proven tools and systems that work for you and define manageable steps to have more time for your career or business and for the people that matter to you.

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  • Contact me to discuss your situation during a free consultation.

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  • Contact me to find out more about corporate HR services.

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