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I do not promise miracles in any of my programs. I will tell you what works for me and my

clients and I will help you find and decide which way to go towards professional life of your

dreams. The only person, who decides, if you are going to get there, is you. You have to take

necessary action depending on where you are now in your career/business, you have to be

determined, active and do everything that is necessary to reach your goal.


Sending or providing your CV and other documents that include your personal data you

agree, to an unlimited term, with the utilization of your personal data indicated in your CV

and other documents (according to the statute no. 122/2013 Sb. On Protection of Personal

Data) by the company EXACT RECRUITMENT spol. s r.o. Majerská 3, 821 07 Bratislava,

Slovakia. The data will be used to provide career opportunities and career counseling. EXACT

RECRUITMENT will save, search, combine, actualize, provide to third parties (clients-

employers) and liquidate the data according to statute no. 122/2013 Sb. On Protection of

Personal Data until you claim to invalidate this consent in writing. You can invalidate the

consent anytime, otherwise we will keep your data for 5 years.

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